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What's an RSS Feed?

If you've never used RSS before, you should! RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, although some people also use Really Simple Syndication. Regardless of what it stands for, it's a format for delivering regularly changing web content, like a blog!

Most blogs publish an RSS feed with a url (e.g., and RSS readers subscribe to that URL. When new content is posted to the blog, the RSS reader can grab the new posts and display them to you with minimal formatting. Most browsers will open an RSS link and display the raw text, which looks like XML, and it's certainly not readable. However, some browsers like Safari will detect an RSS feed and instead prompt you to subscribe to it.

Browsers are not really designed to consume RSS though, you'll need an RSS reader for that. There are many free and paid readers for all platforms, I'm recommending here the ones I've used before:

For Mac

For iOS

  • Reeder by Silvio Rizzi
  • NetNewsWire by Black Pixel
  • Unread by Supertop (Free with in-app purchase to unlock all functionality)

You may already be using RSS without even knowing it. If you subscribe to any podcasts, you are subscribed to an RSS feed. Podcast players are like RSS clients, but they pull audio instead of blog posts.

There are many advantages of using RSS instead of Twitter to follow blogs, like offline storage, unread counts, not to mention not being drowned along the constant stream of world news, family updates and friend's snarky remarks on Twitter.